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Eating Out in Luxembourg

Eating out is at the heart of socialising in Luxembourg. It’s loved by all — from casual teenagers tucking into pizzas to besuited bankers dining on a plat du jour. While eating ‘al desko’ may be gaining in popularity, one or more hour lunches are still the done thing. In the evenings it’s obligatory to meet…
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Your Guide to Languages in Luxembourg

You’ve just arrived in the Grand Duchy and you’re already flummoxed by the what, why and when of the languages: German got you a ticket on a bus but a blank look in a clothes shop English got you an account in a bank but absolutely nowhere with setting up your Internet connection You got top marks in school for French…
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How to Move to Luxembourg (Without Losing Your Mind)

You’ve heard the old adage that moving house is up there with divorce and bereavement in the high-stress stakes. Having just moved house twice in one month, I confirm that my body did produce enough adrenaline to power a small town. But I also became a moving in Luxembourg expert and I’m keen to pass on my wisdom! Here’s…
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A Guide to Food Shopping in Luxembourg

Luxembourg may not have 24-hour shopping centres, and it may not have chains of convenience stores on every corner, but once you get used to the sometimes awkward opening hours you’ll appreciate the wide range, freshness and seasonality of the produce when food shopping in Luxembourg. Case in point – on a recent visit to a…
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