Freelance Content Writer and Editor


Below are articles and blog posts that I have written. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I’m open to taking on projects in other industries.

Back to Work: How to Survive Until Your Next Holiday

Dreading the first day back to work after a break away? Read Saro Recruitment’s guide to surviving the rat race until your next holiday.

How to Overcome Culture Shock

What’s culture shock and how can you overcome it? Read Saro Recruitment’s guide to making your international move an enjoyable one.

How to Raise Your LinkedIn Profile

Want to improve your LinkedIn profile and presence, but don’t know where to start? Read Saro Recruitment’s guide to raising your LinkedIn profile.

8 Proven Tips to Prepare for the Sproochentest

Want Luxembourgish citizenship? Check out these essential tips for passing the Luxembourgish language test, aka the Sproochentest.

A 10-Step Guide to Writing Better Content (with Examples)

Want to write engaging copy but don’t know where to start? Follow this 10-step guide to writing better content, including practical examples.

Why Bad English is Bad for Business

In Luxembourg, bad-quality English can cost you clients and conversions, making it bad for business. Find out why and how to fix it.